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Space Invaders bracelet pattern Answered

I figured since I made this pattern for a Space Invaders bracelet a while back I might as well share it. Try it, it's fun :D

Here is how to make a beaded bracelet like this.


Any chance this could be translated for crochet?? haha

It would be so cool if it could :P I can't crochet though haha 

Here's a thought - the image-meme space invader is so pervasive, yet how many of you have actually played the original game, with coloured cellophane over the screen to make the invaders change colour as they advance down the screen?

Thanks for reminding me I'm getting old Kiteman. Also the sound those machines produced can not be fully replicated IMHO. It wasn't just a game, it was a experience.

You can still play it if you have Open Office -- a German version is embedded as an easter egg in the spreadsheet program. No sound effects, though.

You would not believe the disbelieving stares I get when I describe my youth to today's 12-year-olds...

LOL oh I know the feeling! I remember the time my oldest daughter seen a 8 track and I tried to explain it to her. She looked as if I grew horns and was tap dancing in a opera! It's easy to forget we were on the cusp of todays fast pace society and things are too soon forgotten.

I have played alot, never with coloured cellophane though, i have a joystick you plug into the tv and it has space invaders and a few other classics. I also have it on my laptop, i play it when the internet dies or in lessons at school :P

I've played it before, I just can't remember where...

That's not Space Invaders, that's retro Space Invaders!

The original arcade units had monochrome screens, that you looked at via a mirror, with cellophane over them to make the advancing aliens more menacing.

Brings back memories (post Pong and Donkey Kong LOL)

I can't find the original game...only clones. :(

The original was six feet tall and weighed twice as much as any normal human.

i don't have any beads but i might try this pattern with Hamma beads. Thanks :P

Hamma beads would be cool :D Especially if they were glow in the dark!

I HAVE SOME GLOW IN THE DARK !!! ill upload a picture tommorow :)

argh our iron broke, im going away for a week but ill try to post it when i get back :)

My brother knocked it off the table and the water tank broke. We bought a new one today, ill take a pick when i get back from holiday


9 years ago

It is very retro and cool.