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Space power plant Answered

International project.
Space station. Geostationary earth orbit. Solar energy flow. Microwave oven generator of big power. Transfer to Earth of energy in the form of a beam (microwave oven beam, microwave oven energy). Geographical point for reception of a beam - the desert. On Earth of the microwave oven energy will be transformed to electric energy.
It is offered to discuss this project!


All thanks! In science there are no easy ways. But it is necessary to begin with something. I pay attention to achievements in area of powerful lasers.

Great idead, we just burn everything in the path, ionize the atmosphere and kill all Wifi and cellphone coverage for half of the world.
Despite massive losses all you get is every single country of the world trying to shut you down LOL

There is reputable science backing the idea, its not going to have any of the effects you speculate on.

There have been a number of experiments using microwave cannons as the transmitter.

It works but the greater the distance the lesser the energy to the receiver. The microwave beam spreads to the point that very little gets to the receiver unless you use an enormous parabolic dish.

What is needed is a microwave cannon that works like a laser and keeps a small beam that spreads very little.

Down side anything that passes through the beam is toast. With sufficient power it could vaporize metal and flesh in an instant.


1. Yes. Idea "Space station plus microwave oven beam" not new. But now equipment level higher.

2. There are messages on a possibility of creation of generators of energy with efficiency more than 100%. It not in Space, and on Earth. For example, cavitation in water for receiving thermal energy with efficiency more than 1. Special technical system.

It would help if you used the "reply" button, then we know who you are directing comments towards.


1. Diameter of a beam of energy has to be minimum. For example, 100 meters.

2. It is possible to create a solar power station on the Moon. To use the received energy for protection of the planet Earth from asteroids.

3. It is possible to begin on Earth works on obtaining energy from physical vacuum.

4. It is important to begin to develop the international projects on power.

Man, no offence but you are better off posting this on one of the many free energy webistes or those listing weird science projects.

I see no use "discussing" anything if you do not answer but just add more nonsense.
You have a lot of phantasy but no expertise.

That was discussed at 40 years ago, probably longer as it made its way into fiction in the 70s.

It will work, but there are serious hazards if the beam goes astray. Also, inefficiency and cooked wildlife (even in the desert).