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Spaces dropped in my answer. Answered

In this answer that I've edited 3 times it keeps dropping spaces between words and running them together.

I'm using Firefox.


See <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Comment-problems/">https://www.instructables.com/community/Comment-problems/</a>.<br />

(Sorry to bring back a really old topic, but,) I love how your answer to a comment bug has a comment bug itself.

Ah, irony...

:-D Actually, that's an entirely different comment bug :-)

A while back, I'bles migrated their front-end editor from a roll-your-own hack to a third-party product, CKEditor. The two systems used different format for the back end data, so they also had to run their entire database through a migration.

As I recall, they never actually did that to the bazillion comments, because it would have been way too CPU-intensive.

Oh, ok.

Does it really take so much power to turn all the &lt's into < and >?

That isn't everything that needs to be changed. There are probably several million comment blocks stored in the database. They need to be retrieved, reprocessed (for many things, not just the tag characters), and stored back into the database.

I copy pasted your answer in, then added all the spaces back (except one), and posted as a reply to you. It seemed to work just fine.

Are you typing the text straight into the comment block, or are you copying from a word processing program?

I don't suppose you'd mind trying to comment once more, a bunch of bugs just got fixed, and hopefully whatever was making this happen got cleared out.