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Spain Turning Into Desert as Water Wars Begin Answered

Parts of Spain are feeling the pinch of too many people going after too little water. Some of the land is drying out after water-thirsty resorts and corn farms in the arid land guzzle it all up and leave nothing behind. About the only thriving part is the black market which is charging ever higher prices.

Where I live in Oakland we're getting phone calls from the water utility to cut back on water use and are facing higher prices ourselves. People could even face penalties for excessive watering of gardens. Makes me feel OK for letting most of our plants shrivel up and die after all.

Water Shortage in Spain


I work at a plant nursery, and it kills me every time my boss tells me to water all of the plants. So much water is used up at nurseries and such. I try to leave the watering up to those that purchase the plants.

Saw your post and it made me think underground is a water table what if you could drill a hole down into the water table and insert a "wick" like you do on an oil lamp and use the wick to draw the water up closer to the surface.And if you could make dew catchers to catch all the dew in the morning and funnel it back into the ground.These things that im talking about are already in nature and you could see this happen in your own garden.Hope this might be able to work someday as i to worry about the planet we live on.

Half the reason we are having these problems is because many water tables have already been tapped (that's what a well is), and drained faster than the tens of thousands of years they took to fill.

I'm surprised Spain's water problems have taken so long to hit the US media:

Quick browse of the BBC:

Last month

One day, Spain might just be a huge desert.