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Spam flagging not working or reporting to mods Answered

Apparently, the moderators aren't being notified of spamming 'instructables' when the users flag them due to some bug. As I type this, there are two obvious spam instructables that have been flagged by several members and are still there 4 days later. These are:




What Penolopy said, but another important thing to take into consideration is to flag but NOT comment.

Comments on spam instructables tend to make it stick around longer and will allow more users to see it. Just flagging it will allow us to take care of it much quicker. :)

Oh, I did not know that!

I often see comments on spam, like "this is spam" etc, and make them myself - maybe a note in the forums might help break us of the habit?

Cool. Good to know about commenting, I wasn't aware that made a difference. I was thinking there must have been something wrong with the notification system or the flagging system for the mentioned spam to have stayed up for 4-5 days. But they have been removed now, so I guess the point is moot. Thanks for answering so promptly.

Please continue to flag Spam. Since it was flagged over the weekend, it probably wasn't taken care of right away, but it will be. We take everything that is flagged seriously and all flags are reviewed by a real person which is why, sometimes, action isn't taken immediately.