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Spamers and spam instructables Answered

Today i have noticed we have had an influx of spam instructables/advertisments etc.. Are the filters not picking them up on registration?
Since reporting every single instructable can be tedious and long winded, would it be possible to have a 'report ' button on someones profile... Take for example one of the more recent prolific spam annoyances: https://www.instructables.com/member/lewis213/ he has multiple posts so a 'report' button would come in very handy.

I try and report ibles as i catch them... this may make it easier for serial offenders such as the above example




If I encounter a spammer posting more than a couple of projects, or posting a lot of spam comments, I flag what I can, and send an email to service@instructables.com, but also drop a PM to whoever at HQ seems to be awake at the time (it's a lot more likely to happen when HQ are in bed - judging by the time-stamps, I think a lot of the serial spammers are based in India or China, maybe Malaysia/Indonesia).

I think the problem is that, with many years of experience, the I'bles staff feel that being able to "report" users is too likely to become abused by the more junior population (especially the extremely competitive and contentious K'nex group).

What you can do, that helps the Staff a lot, is to put a comment from yourself on the user's Orangeboard, then immediately flag that comment of your own as SPAM. That sends it directly to the Staff SPAM-hunter.

I've been wanting this for some time now... Most spammers are frequent offenders and post several topics (or ibles, etc) at once.

This method would also help in catching the GROUPS that some of them create (as I don't believe there is any way to flag groups at the moment).