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Spare tip for MAPLIN soldering iron N78AR ??? How to find it ??? Answered

Hi ... would someone be so kind and give me advice, how to find spare tips for the MAPLIN N78AR soldering iron ???

I know, that I can buy a set in MAPLIN ... but I would like to buy 3x fine tips - preferably on EBAY - but I don't know how can I find it ???

Thank you in advance.



Tricky . . . But I think I've found them.
That iron is supplied unbranded and the reseller will add their logo and sell it as their own.  It is also sold as Velleman VTSS5 and although they don't sell that specific model, they do sell several similar HERE which use bits which are suitable for the Velleman temperature controlled irons, listed HERE. These should be the ones for you.

I agree. Andy sure did his homework. I've even got a Velleman (not the same model) and I didn't know they were the same. Now I know where to order my extra tips.

Ta for the Best Answer. It's the BITS5 you need - right at the bottom. It's a 1.2mm tip. In the U.S. you have a  bit more choice - 4 different styles.

AndyGadget ... you're a star. Thank you... That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you ...

Well, not EVERYTHING is available on Ebay. Yes I know it looks like it is but it's not. I searched for you and found nothing for sale on ebay. Did you spell Maplin correctly? You may have to just buy from the source you can find if you need them right now. Otherwise keep checking back with ebay every day or so.

Did you type those words into either Google or eBay? If not, why not? If you did, did you get zero hits? Ask yourself why. Perhaps the tips are not specific to that model of soldering iron? If they are more generic, then broaden your search by leaving out the model number. Try "replacement" instead of "spare." Try taking your iron down to your local electronics shop and looking at the spare tips they have on the rack.