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Sparks Answered

Hi I perform at celtic and ren fairs, I bellydance and I am trying to find some way that I can have something in my hand that would put of a spark when I dance. Sometime I dance at night and it would look cool. Can anyone help me with some ideas. Thanks Witchdragon13



try breaking open a glowstick and painting yourself with it. make sure its the non toxic kind. orrrr. break open the glow thing, stick it in a container with oil or soemthing it doesn't mix with and shake it. but... it doesnt seem very belly danceish... fire you can hold... sparkler? not in your palm... but in your hand i guess...

I was originally making a small marx generator (really small, table top) but I got scared out of my mind, taking a break from hv ;)

lolololololololol. you backed out. i was talking about your pocket igniter, actually.

How about that thing that KipKay made. It only has one shot though. More like a fireball when you shoot it.

try a marx generator (j/k.) really, dont use one. how big a spark effect are you going for? i think guyfrom7up had a similar project. you can ask him.