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Speaker Help Answered

I am trying to take an old "portable" speakers (which is rather large), remove the speakers, solder on heaphones, and make a new more portable version. I did all that. But the sound coming from the speaker is so soft I can hardly hear it and it is choppy. Before I removed the speakers, it worked very well and loud. How can I make it louder?



I've had the same problem; you need either an amp or you need to power the original speaker set, which contains an amp.

Oh, the back of the speaker says it's 8 ohms 3 watts.

I only used one of the two speakers that came with the set (they were connected with some kind of plug, so you can use only one speaker if you wanted to).

I would think it would be the same, because I used to headphones from the original speaker set.

Check the back of the speaker itself. On the bar holding in the magnet, there should be a number with an omega sign near it. That is the symbol for ohms, the impedance. If one is like 8 ohms, and the other like 64 ohms, they are mismatched and will not perform well.


10 years ago

You need an amp to make the sound loud again.

Before answering, can you illustrate how you have the speakers wired now ? If wired incorrectly, this could happen, or if the impedance it wrong for the device you are using them with....

I dunno how to fix it, but th resistance of the speakers are probably different then with your headphones