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Speaker and microphone system for a helmet? Answered

I'm getting more and more done on a set of helmets (Daft Punks, to be exact) and ran into a slight snag. While fitting them and what not, I found out people have a hard time hearing me, and I have a hard time hearing them. And this is in a perfectly quite room. So when I do finish these, and start wearing them...I'm going to be a deaf mute.

I did some looking, and I know I can at least get my phone worked into it. However, I was wondering if there is either a pre-existing soultion to this, or if someone has any cleaver ideas for a system that will feed outside audio into me, and inside audio out.

Thanks in advance! 


Vent the helmet around the ears so you can hear. The Daft Punk helmets aren't exactly meant to allow you to communicate. They rarely, if ever, talk anyway.

If you really want to talk to people then ad a mic, amp and speak to the unit so they can hear you.

I plan to ad vents on the ears just due to how the helmets are. And granted, they don't talk, but it's part of who they are. And I feel *kind* cocky for this, but I just know people are going to talk to me once I get these together.
And I may give that a shot. At the very least, some sort of intercom between the two helmets.

I think you can take the mic, amp and speaker to the next level by adding some sort of voice modulator so you can sound like the vocals from technologic.

I just facedesked on that. I don't know why I didn't think of it till just now: stormtroopers. People have put systems for changing their voice to match the destored voices of the troopers. Did a quick google, and found this:
It may not be a voice mod, but at least it does what I was originally after. And now I'm going to have to go for that technologic voice mode!

I saw the first link, but somehow missed the second. That could be handy!!