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Speaker hack for bosch powerbox jobsite radio.? Answered

I have a bosch powerbox jobsite radio. Under normal conditions it is sufficiently loud. The problem is I don't use it under normal conditions. My jobsite is particularly loud on top of the fact I have to and choose to wear earplugs. This makes it very difficult to hear my radio. I want to be able to make a small box with a low, mid, and hi perhaps and use the outgoing auxiliary jack to supply the music. I'm not sure if the radio continues playing though or if it just uses whatever device it may be hooked to. It would also be more convenient if the box was somehow built to hang off the roll cage of the powerbox. I feel I have a decent Idea here but lack the knowledge to bring it to fruition. I'm open to any and all suggestions although I would like to stay close to my initial inspiration. Thanks everyone in advance.


Buy some good noise isolating ear buds. They will block outside noise and you will not have a problem with hearing your tunes. I've been doing it for years. Westone um1 are good and made in usa

You really want headphones in your ear-protection. You could use a small portable radio and large ear-defenders?


No, I don't want anything directly in my ears aside from my hearing protection. I guess I was just trying to put to much into my question. I basically want to make a speaker box for my existing work radio cause the ambient noise where I work drowns it out. So I need something easily portable but powerful as well. Thanks

I understood what you wanted, I just thought that pumping-up the volume to rock-concert level- (no that isn't such a bad idea...).
You could get a big guitar-amp, but you will need bigger equipment to do it the way you'd like.


I'm looking into getting a keg shell to make a speaker box out of. A pony keg shell would suffice I think. I saw an instructable where ol' boy made a guitar amp out of a Heineken mini keg. That's too small for what I want but the concept is great considering it needs to withstand work conditions.

Yeah, I like the mini-keg.


Do you know what a speaker hack is?

Not quite sure if that is suppose to be a serious reply or an attempt at a joke. Thanks anyway.

There is the large ear muffs that have a built in radio and also a stereo jack that you can hook your mp3 player through ( much like these http://www.stihlusa.com/apparel/headphone-radio.html) I don't know if those are the same, but the Canadian version of these have a digital tuner.

Yeah, that wouldn't work. I have to wear earplugs, hard hat, and use a welding shield. Thanks though.

yeah, we use them at work, just plug into any small player, like a portable mp3 player. Most allow human speach to be heard as it is a different frequency then most damaging frequencies and/or decible level. Wording is a bit sketchy there, but you get the idea. One model would actually cut the music, when external voices were detected, idea being in the event of an emergency.