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Speaker on the blitz Answered

I moved all my stereo equipment around a month ago or so. And I noticed that my speakers never sounded the same as before the move around. Today I got a little fed up with the shitty sound they had, and apon turning my balance on my mac to the left, the music sounds very tonal. It's not very bassy like my right speaker. If I turn it over to the right speaker it sounds normal, and shakes the room, but the left one does not vibrate my room worth 2 cents. I even switched the speakers around to see if it was my left channel on the amp, and it's not, it's the speaker. Anyone have any ideas why it sounds like this?? And yes, it was hooked up correctly, I did try switching the wires around, and it sounded worse, so yes it was connected correctly. These are technics twin woofer floor speakers, thought they were decent but my faith in them is very little right now. Thanks guys for anything you come up with.


> I did try switching the wires around, and it sounded worse . It just occurred to me that it should make absolutely no difference in the sound when you swap polarity on a speaker - at least close up. The only time phasing is important is when two (or more) speakers interact. If you had your head near the speaker and could tell the difference when you swapped polarity, then something is not right. . What that means in your case, I'm not sure, but it makes me want to lean towards it being a bad crossover. I can't think of anything that could go wrong with the driver that would cause that behavior.

Hey man! I fixed it!!!! Apparently the second woofer below the first one needs to have the polarity reversed or something for it to work right (Hence Twin woofer mutual effect system??? (Says on the model plate on the front of it)). I just took apart the good speaker to look at the wiring and wouldn't you know, the wiring was reversed on the bottom woofer, whereas on the non-working speaker, the wiring was straight. To further explain what I mean, the first woofer on the good one has one wire the runs off it to the secondary woofer, it runs off the neg pole of the first and is supposed to be connected to the pos of the second apparently. A second wire comes down from the crossover (green) and it goes to the neg, I just corrected the wiring and wolla it fotha mucking works :p. Thanks for all the help Nachomahma, guess speakers do sound different with reversed polarity. -P

. Your drivers/cabinet are set up in a push-pull configuration. The phasing I was talking about is between two speakers (channels). . How did the wires get swapped?

To tell ya the truth, I honestly have no two shits of a clue how it happened as they did sound fine before. I might have opened it up before but I don't remember ever swapping any wires. Weird I'd say, but I just arranged the wires as the right speaker had them and poof, it magically made it sound just like it was supposed to. I didn't think that you were able to have the wires reversed as I always percieved that the bass doesn't sound the same and it changed the entire tonal sound of the speaker, annnd I was told it was bad for the speaker. But push-pull okay that makes sense instead of having both of them push against each other. So I take it that is what it means on the front by "mutual woofer effect" I suppose. -P

Well I looked at the crossover and it all seems fine, but would it be worth the time buying new caps and replacing all the componants?

. Unless these are high-end speakers or have some sentimental value, probably not. My experience is that replacement parts are expensive, especially from the manufacturer. I had to buy a replacement mid-range driver for an old set of BIC Venturis - IIRC, it was close to $75 for the thing. You may be able to track down some cheap parts on the 'Net, but I wouldn't know where to start looking. . Nowadays, even cheap speakers sound pretty good. You should be able to find a cheap set of used speakers.

These are higher end twin woofer tower speakers, but yea I'm kinda low on cash right now but I figured the capacitors would be cheap enough right?

. If you can make a positive ID on the components, then you should be able to find what you need on eBay, &c.; I'd try to narrow it down a little further before investing in parts. . Do you have a link to the spec sheet on the speakers?

I'll try to find a spec sheet and post a link or whatnot on here, but I've had trouble finding information about my particular pair of speakers.

. My guess is that you've either blown the woofer (you do seem to be pushing them hard) or a wire has come loose inside the cabinet (happens more often than it should). It could be the crossover, but those are usually very rugged.
. If you don't find a loose wire, try running the speaker wires straight to the terminals on the woofer and see what happens. No sound = driver blown.

Well the wires aren't loose inside the cabinet as I pulled it apart today to check the connections. I do want to add though that before I noticed this problem, I noticed that the tweeter in that left speaker would cut off entirely when it was turned up loud, I thought the tweeter was bad (not blow, bad) but maybe the crossover is bad. Should I go into radio shack or somewhere and see if they can order me some new caps and whatever componant parts there are on the board to replace them entirely? Perhaps Technics would let me order a new one from them? Oh and the woofer isn't blown, they do work when it's playing, they move just the same as the right speaker, but it sounds really really off.

. Without being able to hear what "really really off" sounds like, it's hard to tell. . I try swapping crossovers and see if the problem follows the "bad" one.

Really really off sounds like barely any bass at all but yet both the woofers work still.

More often than not this will be a loose wire or a broken connection. I don't openly recommend taking apart your speaker, but it seems like the only option.

I've already dissembled the unit today, removing all the speakers themselfs to check the connections, it appears to be fine.

You mentioned rearranging your equipment. Is the new location of the speakers in close proximity to a television or monitor? You may be experiencing eloctro-magnetic interference. Just a thought . -k

Well I would only see it bothering the monitor, not vice versa. It's not that I think.

. Good idea, but interference like you are talking about usually shows up as buzzes/clicks/whines/&c;, not a loss of volume. And when he swapped the speakers around, the problem would have stayed on the same side, not followed the speaker. . Don't let me discourage you from making suggestions, it really was a good idea.