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Speeder Answered

So, i'm a star wars fan for some time now and I've always wanted to start on a dream project, i wanted to create a real life Star Wars Speeder, having the technology that we have right now i think it's possible, now the thing is, i need to find a motor(s) big enough to lift a 185lbs guy off the floor, i don't really want it to fly like an airplane but more like hover a few feet off the ground, maybe 2 or 3 feet and make it move forward... for forward movement i'm thinking of the concept of thrust vectoring. i'm still on the planning/drawing stages of it... any suggestions from the experts??? 


Well, let's see....
With frame, engine(s), tank, fuel and all I assume a total weight of 250lbs.
One decent turbo jet engine for the lift a second and smaller one for the thrust.
You can check the usual hobby RC plane fan sites for sizes available in good turbines.
Both engines need thrust and vector control, so be prepared to spend some hours in your workshop making the titanium thrust outlets and connecting rods.
Last but not least you will need a decent microcontroller to adjust the thrust and vector based on vehicle speed, angle and operator controls.
The coding can be a bit tricky, so it really helps to study a few chapters of basic rocket engeneering, not the hooby stuff, the ones with guidance systems.
Based on your skills and how well you can source secend hand stuff I guesstimate the build costs for the first prototype at around $250000US.
After the usual failures the final version might be around the $400000 mark.
Please do take enough pics along the way and provide a nice Instructable once you got lift off!

well... at first i was thinking of the same thing. a modified gas turbine engine using propane as fuel but yeah, i think my resources are limited to make such an engine so i decided to look up drone technology, found a drone online that can lift at least 500lbs so, i thought i could use the same motor and build a battery cell with multiple lithium polymer batteries instead of using combustible gas. will upload my drawings and drafts soon so i can show you what i mean... thanks a lot... :)

What's your plan for getting lift? Hovering like a hovercraft (with a flexible skirt around the bottom) or are you thinking of hovering like a quadcopter with rotors? Or are you thinking of something more integrated where the movement and the lift is from the same power unit, truly replicating thrust vectoring.

Don't forget that you also need to factor in the weight of the motor/engine, any fuel tanks or batteries, things will really start to add up, you'll be needing even more power! Without giving it too much thought the first thing that came to my mind was a jet engine, would sound quite like a speeder as well :p

i was thinking of a jet engine as well, a rather small one... but i don't think it's that easy to make or fabricate a gas turbine engine with enough thrust to lift a total of 300lbs. so i thought of the motors used in drones and an article i read a few weeks ago. I looked online and found a drone that can lift a least 500lbs, i think it's the griff something. so instead of buying one, maybe i can just buy the same type of motors and build a battery cell using multiple lithium-polymer batteries. encase the rotors. using carbon fiber frame/ aluminum frame. i'll be coming up with some drawing and drafts to show you my idea...

Flying bike as been made, check You Tube.