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Speedy soldering Answered

Hi, guys.
I've been looking for videos and advice on how to solder quickly, but I keep hitting a wall with my search engine giving me quick instructions instead of quick technique. Does anybody have any advice or links I could use?

(I work putting together solar cells and since I just had a significant pay-cut, I need to produce more plates in the same amount of time)


Like Cdad says, a good, high power (>80W) iron - probably with temperature control - is the way to go.

What do you mean by quick? It takes just as long to warm up the soldering iron. Are you talking mass production means like wave or pool soldering? SMD parts or just through hole? Would crimp on connectors do the trick? Post pics of what you are soldering. Good luck.

by quick I mean using up less time to assemble one of these suckers.
The soldering is the only thing I can shorten the time on, since it's the only part that's the only thing that's up to me.
There's a legend of a dude who used to do what I do now who made 70 of these bad boys in a workday (5.5h) so there has to be a way to do it...

There is a whole bunch of videos on youtube on soldering solar cells. I know see what you mean if you have to solder the two tabbing wire rails on the face of the solar cell. Seems they all use a rosin flux pen to accurately draw a flux line, tack down the tabbing wire, and then solder the rest down. They all use a high quality soldering iron with temperature control to get optimum flow from the unfluxed no-lead silver solder. I don't know of any soldering appliance that is like a "drywall tape banjo", something that pre-applies a line of flux, feeds the wire and solders as it goes along. Welding guns do feed a wire but that gets burned in the process. Maybe you can invent one.