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Spelling!!! Answered

guys learn english and proper grammar for example ok are you RETARDED the thing on the end less time makin sure its not out of the barrel Disgraceful ;( hey here's a tip for instructables make yours on microsoft word and spell check or something and copy and paste on to the place where you fifst make your instructable.



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me stupid u smart... me 14.... u old woman, u have knowlage collected over many years. but soon you die because u smoke.

Who wants to die old anyway...?


<h3 style="color: red;"> <big> <strong>NO YOU'RE WRONG</strong></big></h3>Lemonie is awesome, and is well respected by admins so be nice to him fool!<br />

Spelling!!! - Too many exclamation points.

guys learn english and proper grammar - Not a sentence, not capitalised at the beginning, and no period/full stop.

"for example" (as above)

"hey here's a tip for instructables make yours on microsoft word and spell check or something and copy and paste on to the place where you fifst make your instructable." - You didn't do this, if you had Microsoft Word would have highlighted errors, as the image I have posted

Set a good example if you're serious about this eh?



Yeah youre right.I kinda ment it. But my english teacher said you can have up to 4 exclamation marks.

You're doing it again... You'remeant, 'kinda' is not a word, and I've no idea where your English teacher gets 4 exclamation marks from.
(I agree with you) but do as you say and "make yours on microsoft word and spell check or something"
People only learn from those who set an example.


A very good reason to spell words correctly is that it makes it much easier to search and find what you want.

I forgot that it suggests words, too. I don't care about that and besides, most of the spelling mistakes are basic typos of common words.

For me, just knowing that the word is spelled wrong isn't enough-most of the time I can see that it's wrong but not HOW it's wrong. I need the dictionary function because I can't spell it right.

I think that we should have a team to crack down on lousy spelling and grammar. Its definately aweful two see te crappe speling tat sum peepull put. My proposal is this: Have some people who are reasonably good at spelling check comments and correct them. If someone posted a comment such as this: "tis is a god example off a badd coment!", then some one would simply leave as a reply, "This is a good example of a bad comment." My biggest issues: using "its" where "it's" is correct and vice versa; the various spellings of the word "definitely" (You've all seen them--definetly, defiantly, definately, etc.); and comments that are so screwed up that they are practically indecipherable.

It's best to just ignore poorly written comments, that way posters will realize that if they want a response, they need to write clearly, and properly.

Except that many comments are left unanswered. If there was an in-your-face, spell-counts message for everyone who refuses to just spell check, it would probably help.

Many people don't know about their home page with it's record of who is commenting on their comments. If you don't spell well (I don't) an infinite roll of 'spell count messages' are going to be meaningless because of how many you would get. Are you volunteering to spell-check for hours every day? Without changing the meaning of the comment? Sometimes, the lack of care going into the comment means as much as the comment itself-and weather or not you care about replying.

Might as well just recommend that they install Firefox with its auto spell-checking.

I have it. It's not that useful. I don't get anything close to what I wanted about one time in four. And, how many people who don't care about their really bad spelling are going to go threw the (slight) trouble of adding a browser on their or their parents computer?

Doesn't matter, ta knex gners dnt cr bout spelig @ al. thel respnd no mater wat. And I have no idea why, other than most of them are probobly retarded (NO offense perfect duck, danny and various others).

I find it ironic that this forum post about spelling, has a few spelling/grammatical mistakes in it. Funny.

Don't go looking in my past comments!!! I've changed.

I was about to say, who are you to bang on people when you used to type the same?

Another forum I frequent has a spell check button in place of the post button. You have to review any errors before you can post, and It really helps the readability of everything. I use FF2, with the built in spell checker, and it's the only reason my text is intelligible.

I agree, the amount of mispellings and "chat words" is disgracefull. I think there ought to be a spell check for your instructables and comments.