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Splicing and extending a cable connecting a lens and sensor module to the camera's main body? Answered

For a while i had this odd idea, of separating the lens sensor module from the Contour camera body,
so i could have it inside the helmet front vent hole, and the main body on the back of the helmet.
So im thinking of splicing a longer cable in between. an IDE cable perhaps? It is shielded, pretty much the perfect match

The image is what  inside the camera between the lens module and the main body.

The idea was to cut that blue bundle, and to splice the ide cable in (wire by wire)
So the question  are
- Is the IDE cable a good choice, or i ought to use other cables.
- What are my chances for failure/success? The camera aint worth much anymore, but i dont really want to break it.


Go for it. The only real problem you may have is mixing up the wires. Though there could be issues with poor image quality from signal denigration across the longer wires.

Yeah, the signal degradation, is something of a concern, crossing my fingers that 15cm of extension wont cause much...

I'd look for the maker of the connectors, and see if you can find a longer harness.

No idea where even to start looking, the connectors have a PT-TWO30 markings, the cables got none. Googling those markings gives nothing of value. Contour is not forthcoming on that info too.
Thats pretty much the reason why i started thinking of just splicing in a cable.