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Splitting Mono to "Stereo" 2 voice coil sub Please read Details? Answered

Hi everyone!

1- 5.1ch amp
2- 2/4ch amp
3- Wharfedalle home cinema sub with 2 voice coils

I want to take the sub output from the 5.1 amp to L/R RCA input on the other amp and then hook up 1 voice coil to one ch and the other voice coil to the other channel.. to splitt the mono signal to "stereo" how should I do? can I simply solder the input wires in paralel?


Just connect the same mono-signal to both stereo inputs, I think that's what you're saying in soldering the input wires in parallel - yes.


yes thank you, Its what I was thinking about, were just a lil insecure of burning something :S No need to solder a resistor then?

I don't know too well how these systems work, but if you want to input an amplified signal into a non-amplified audio input you would want to damp it down with at least one resistor. I'm thinking - feed the mono across a 100K ohm potentiometer, and tap out the audio from that (diagram). I can't say this is what you want, but you need to consider that the input requires little current and will saturate above a certain voltage - you want to control V with a potential divider rather than simply throttle I.