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Sponsored Instructables? Answered

Who makes them?
What is the benefit?
When can they be made?
Where do they end up?
Why do they get made?
How do I make one?



Best Answer 3 years ago

Staff make them.

They generate income for the site.

When the sponsor requests them.

On a shelf at HQ.

They generate income for the site.

Get hired.

Thanks for the quick and informative reply Kiteman, I have one more question on this topic; Can they be entered into a contest?

They often enter, but never win.

Only the general membership are allowed to win contests, not anybody based at headquarters (I wasn't allowed to win when I was an AiR).

What is the benefit of a post that has been featured & that is now sponsored content? What does this mean for me? I didn't ask for this!


3 years ago

HQ in San Francisco USA California next to the Pacific Ocean.

HQ == Head Quarters == Home Office