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Spontaneously Combusting Elephants Answered

Thought you might all like to have a chuckle, as I did when I recieved this saftey alert. Priceless simply priceless... Enjoy ;) Apparently the concrete Budda's weren't to crash hot either. Pardon the pun.


I swear I have nothing to do with this one... That's a great bit of fun though... Hello ma'am how can I help you today Well I was hoping you had a few replacement elephants I take they went on fire My house was completely destroyed Why would you want more My ex-husband's birthday is next week...

"Time for the penguin [elephant] on your tele to explode" ?

Lil' bugger


;) Triumphantly holding it trunk high. Lookin' so innocent.... "I'm just a lil' elephant, I'd look so pretty in your lounge room"

LOL! pics of the elephants?

There you go... LoL!! I'll try to get some of the damage picks.

My friend you shall be the first to see them when they arise. I'll try and get my hands on them.

A whole herd of them! Look out!


This is so going to end up as a self-sustaining internet myth. This and the poodle in the microwave.

I found our load of them... Unfortunatley already unwrapped so no chance of combusting.
I'll snap a pic tomorrow to add to the myth.

That would be very funny if it did end up as a myth...

Believe me it's no myth , over 500 outlets having to deal with this. I would assume there are other stockists as well.

Maybe you'd better email scopes and warn them ...

. Humorous anecdote and one of the best Subject lines I've seen in a while. SCEs! ROFL

I believe it doesn't quite cut it as spontaniously since there were external stimuli involved eg. Heat source. Yet you couldn't get much closer to it though.... :)

Poor lil' elephants didn't even see it coming... te he!


Funny that was my reaction too! ;)

I just can't believe it! Elephants catching on fire! That would make a really good joke to play on someone...

We have had previous batches of these yet none at the moment. "Here you go sir, your ornamental elephant." "OMG it's on fire, my arm's on fire! No noooo!!!"

Just wait till people start trying to return piles of ashes :P

so what?... you took your elephant home then stuck it in the fire place?? No sir I swear it just caught on fire. sure.....

Heheh yeah. Then they go try to set the elephants in the store on fire....

I'm thinking either build up of paint fumes inside or perhaps a magnification effect generated by numerous layers of clear plastic wrap. Either way funny as hell.

or methane(elphants are big(and eat alot(and food is turned to methane(and they probably had no room to poop, cuz they were cooped up))))


That would explain the Budda's too. Wait does Budda deficate? Oh well that's what you get for packing 100 methane filled elephants in a pallet container. LoL

yup! i think budda deficates, too(he was a human).

Especially since there was two completley separate fires. Which almost rules out a chance fire.

I can't wait till they figure out why... I'll most ceratainly post that too.

Yep, you've gotta watch out for those 'splodin elephants.

Being the OH&S rep for the store, I muchly enjoyed notifying all staff members of the issue whether it was of importance to them or not.
Many laughs were had by all. :)