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Spooked-Ducks? Answered

I was by the river today, and observed the usual gang of fat-ducks being fed bread. One lady got bit (much to her surprise and my amusement) whilst trying to hand-feed.
Then the mob were spooked by something and all went for the river. I noticed a small hawk, but given that it was much smaller than the ducks I didn't see it as a threat. OK maybe the ducks took a cue from the pigeons, but I wouldn't expect a small hawk to go for a pigeon either.




Best Answer 8 years ago

I could see a small hawk going after and taking down an equal sized pigeon.  I've seen 2' wingspan hawk taking down full sized cotton tailed rabbits in my front yard.

You think the ducks followed the pigeons then?


Yes.  I think the pigeons saw something, the hawk maybe, that they were afraid of and the ducks read it from them not knowing what the danger was.

how deep was the river? i was in yorkshire moors a couple of months ago and there was a small stream running through the village the water was crystal clear but there was trout and many a taime when i go fishing ive seen large fish like brown trout and carp sort of attacking the ducks
its just a possibilty

Shallow, fast flowing and rocky. They weren't in it at the time, that's where they all went.


It only takes one duck to get scared and spook the whole flock.

Birds have dramatically different personalities (I used to catch wild birds for science studies), so maybe there was a nervous duck in the bunch. Another scenario is a normally non-nervous duck was attacked recently, but escaped, so that duck spooked quickly even though the small hawk was no threat? But my main guess is that the duck that bit the lady started it all and the small hawk nearby was a coincidence. I bet a duck hunter knows.