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Spoon knife holster/holder? Answered

For Christmas this year I got this rather terrific spoon knife but this poor little fellow has no holder of his own and has to sleep in bubble-wrap every night to avoid accidentally cutting people.

So if anyone has any ideas how I can make (ideally)/ or where I can buy a holder for it, I would be most appreciative!



Single block of wood, saw three slices, two thin, one as thick as, or thicker than the handle.

Bandsaw '?' in thick piece to fit tool.

Glue 1 thin sheet BACK on to '?'.

Sand all over.

Sand lid.

Fasten lid on with a stud around which it can swing.


That's a bit too confusing for me. Could you draw a diagram and post if possible?

Many thanks.

Thank you very much! I understand you now and this is a great sollution.

Many thanks!

I'd imagine so yeah! Luckily it's brand-spanking new so I can hold off on the sharpening for a while!

If you mean the make then no. It's from Eric Frost Mora Sweden.

I don't know about sharpening. I sharpen my chisels by polishing the backs to a mirror finish, then the bevels. After that. I can strop the edge really sharp, and refresh it.

Goodness me - what is it for?

(If it is a "shed" tool, and you don't need it to be portable, why not hang it up by the blade?)

No, sorry. It's more of a 'woodlore' tool, built for carving. But thanks anyway

Yes it is ,  that and others like it !  My reply is still accurate and valid

Indeed. You're clearly the more learned in this region as I don't exactly know how to use it yet! But my description is but an example of how I intended to use it.

I made a set of those type of woodcarvin' tools for a youngster who was not just interested ,  but quite talented at it !

I made a leather roll pouch to store them in ,  it consisted of a single piece of leather with 1/3 folded over an a series of pouches sewn in and when th' pouches were filled th' remainin' leather was folded down over them ,  rolled up and tied shut

Th' leather was free !  I "skinned" an old ,  discarded leather sofa and soaked th' piece I selected fer th'  job in mink oil and did all th' stitchin' with 1/8" strips cut from th' same source !

I used an old table fork to mark th' holes with ( sharpen th' tines and just tap it thru with a small mallet)

That's so cool! and yet resourceful at the same time.

Do you have an 'ible for it?

It is a form of  a "gouge" that is used primarily for carvin' th' bowl of a wooden spoon !

I used to hammer out tools like that from "cut" masonry nails !