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Spore (the pc version) trouble, help? Answered

I bought Spore almost immediately after it was put out in stores. I was able to play it for about a month without any problems. One day, when I went to play it, I put the disk in and it started to load ( by this I mean the screen went dark), but then, a little box came up and said "Spore has encountered a problem and needs to close...". I have tried almost everything, asking the gaming store, rebooting the computer, etc. but nothing works. I can't even get to the main screen, it always comes up with the box. Is it a problem with my computer or the game? Is there a patch out there that could help? Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, can it be fixed? Thanks!



10 years ago

. Could be a dirty or scratched disc. . Could be a corrupted driver or auxiliary program. . The Spore web site might be a better place to get info.