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Spray paint art, check out my profile Answered

Hey guys if you wanna learn how to do some art with spray paint give me a message and ill try my best to make a clear and good piece of art for you guys to make also, However in the mean time look at my profile for some inscrutable on there. 


I don't mean to be harsh and overly offensive, but what I do mean is to be constructive, so as that warning excites your neuron pathways let me continue.

This type of art, is really played out, tacky, kitsch all the synonyms for mediocrity.
This type of art is made for tourists to say they......watched a fast annoying boring process and bought a piece of "authentic art", yet the person is hustling you, wherever you tour is.

Take a look at art made with spray on canvas, i think this will excite you more than these...........things {SHUDDER}


4 years ago

Lots of SPA activity on FB. Good work...