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Spread LED light? Answered

I'm having trouble using an LED to light up a vase. I have frosted a vase and was hoping to get a blue led to light it up from putting it in the bottom of the vase and give it a sort of blue glow, however, it is just not working. I can still see a big concentration of light where the LED is and towards the top of a small vase (maybe 8 inches?), there isn't much light. Is there a particular LED feature I should be looking at? Certain type? Certain voltage? etc? I was hoping the sunjar tutorial would shed some light (no pun intended) but it really didn't help much for my project. I was trying to get an effect similar to:
http://www.westcoastmall.net/images/GS68.jpg or maybe http://www.vibride.com/images/photoalbum/38/ostrichfeather.jpg

any ideas?


One way to defuse an LED with a thin layer of hot glue

maybe a concave led?

another thing to try is frosting the vase, assuming its plexiglass. one of the amazing property's of plexi is, if you shine light on on side of the plexi, it will come out the other sides and any scratches, but nowhere else as strong.

I will try this out! Thanks! this seems like it might dim the light considerably, how would you say it does?

well, you could look at it this way it spreads the light over a greater distance, making it seem dimmer, but can be seen from more angles. a normal non diffused led has about 15-20 percent viewing angle, a diffused led is much greater.

You could also try frosting the LED. At least, I've heard you can do that.