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Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Answered

I want to build a large spring airsoft rifle that looks as realistic as possible. I will be using a large very strong spring from ace hardware. I want it to be as efficient as possible but i want it to also be very cheap. Any ideas? I would prefer a metal body, but wood or plastic would be ok. I was also wondering if somebody had a drawing of the trigger mech and magazine assembly. i was thinking a brass inner barrel with a larger metal or pvc outer barrel. i want the gun to look like the one in the picture. i think it's a mauser


go on ebay and you can get aluminium/aluminum tubes and channels. A 2 piecetrigger and sear based on crosman air rifles is easy to make using the channel as the housing and scrap steel as the trigger and sear. Just need a coping saw files a drill and lots of time and patience. I am 90% finished mine and the receiver and barrel are 25mm/1 inch in diameter and the bolt/cylinder is 20mm/a little over 3/4 inch.the trigger group is about 4inches long and less than 1 inch deep. Just make the stock.

It can be done just plan and take your time.

Or go the easy way and use a qev, lesstime but less satisfaction

Try youtube. Look closely at airsoft pistols, they work almost the same way, and I building one with a golden barrel and receiver. The stock will be red. Copy how pistols work.


Try this. Its awesome and it doesnt need springs

I've seen this but the point is not how many rounds i can blow out in 20 seconds. that thing is not even close to accurate plus you have to refill the air tanks every time. i want something accurate that can be easily reloaded.

Yeah but it does shoot far and you dont need to shoot all of it at once. You can do quick pulls of the trigger.

i kniow what you mean it would be awesome to build your own and show up at a war with it but i have no idea how to build one


6 years ago

See the thing is. I know i can buy a nice sniper for $100 but thats not the point. I want to build one. why cant you just copy the mechanism of a spring pistol. enlarge it build it out of pvc add a barrel and there you go.


6 years ago

Trust me, I have tried exactly what you are doing, and I always have the same 3 issues: fabrication, strength, accuracy.

Making the parts without a CNC machine is a real bummer.
The parts have to be overbuilt a lot, making the finished gun look horrible.
The final product can't hit the back side of a barn.

I recomend you go buy a spring rifle, sorry. I must have spent 200$ trying to make a spring rifle, when I could have bought one for half that amount.