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Spud Gun Ammo! Answered

Hey guys I'm going to make a pnuematic spud gun soon, but I'm going to use something besides potatoes. I figure it'll have a 1-inch diameter barrel, so what can I shoot that's plentiful? Ideally, it would be bio-degradable or otherwise unharmful to the environment. Cork perhaps?


Use apples, they work great for me and my friend (if he doesn't eat them before we shoot them). Just file the end of you barrel into a slight blade and jam it into an apple... Push apple down barrel with rod. Pumpkin, squash, andzucchininalso work okay, but not as well as apples. My gun has a 3/4 in barrel, and 3/4 ball bearings work great (not biodegradable, and please don't hurt anyone).

anyone know how to make darts for potato guns?

Try freezing Ice in a leftover part of the 1 in PVC it will be a perfect seal will offer a boom and it will melt

I did just that, loitz.
sawing a slit in the pipe helps get the ice out.

I shot another chunk today and it was a perfect seal and shot theough 6 inches of frozen snow and ice thanks 4 the tip ill try that next time any more tips

I used to have several short pieces of pvc (same diameter as the barrel) Each piece with a slit along it's length. Place in a shallow pan. Fill pan with water. Freeze. Break ice. Press ice slugs from pipe.

homemade playdoh

dig up some clay.
or buy it.

i just a potato with my friend and it is awesome we spray painted it sunrise orange. :D

i have an idea, but its not exactly eco-firendly, however the ammo is difficult to lose at night and its long lasting.

what you want is a round cartrige shaped sponge 2-3mm larger than your barrel, hollow 1cm from the center, containing a small light and button cell led/a small led torch with a switch at the base , with a dense solid at the bottom or under the light e.g rubber, then soak the whole thing for a while in molten soft plastic from soft plastic fishing lures

 i use 
1. take a plastic bottle
2. cut the top of the bottle off according to your pipe size.
3. drill/stab hole into cap.
4. take bolt, few washers, and a nut and in a common sense order, put them into the hole into the cap.
5. tighten down, you may sharpen the end of your bolt with a grinder or file if one is on hand. 
6. (optional) wrap the plastic, and lower metal parts with some black or duct tape. helps sturdy it, if not when fired the cap will come off. 

Now you have a potato gun DART! a lethal dart that is.

Disclaimer: i do not take any responsibility for you actions. whether damage to ones' self, property, or persons. Be responsible when firing at anytime. have fun, don't kill anyone!

Not cork. Cork has too much drag.

bullet shaped cork?
/    \
|     |

i have a 2'in barrel and i use wall nuts and a paper towl but you can skip the paper towl


8 years ago

Or if you want something more easily accessible. Take gravel and wrap it with some newspaper. the newspaper rips apart at the barrels mouth from the friction and the pellets fly out like a shotty round. Fun for gallon milk jugs full of hot water. sizes can vary. (obviously)


8 years ago

I made a piercing round by taking two haves of a cylinder of Styrofoam, taping one end to the other so it opens up. (like a gators mouth, lol best example). fit the bolt in the center and when you fir the drag opens out the shell and allows the bolt to move at the same speed as it was fired. (I take no responsibility for any damage that may occur upon the use of this round) Seeing as it lodged a six inch bolt three inches into the side of an oak tree. Done fire at anyone and make sure you have decent cover when firing.

dude for mine i use the d cell batteries deadly but they are harmfull to the environment but you could use wooden slugs or something


10 years ago

theres a few more things a person can use if a person takes flour like for cooking and puts it into a ziplok bag you can make basically what ever size you want, i have a 2" barrel and i use shop towel (the blue stuff like a really thick paper towel) wraped in packaging tape and i was randomly shooting then arount p.s. someone volentered to be shot so i shot them it hit them in the chest and the mark stayed there for a day or two

yea METALLICA!!! also i made a spud gun we have an old apple tree but the apples suck so i shoot them. i shot one at my barn and it put a dent in it.

well the things I use are like a cotton swab soaked in water is better then tp. marshmellows are perfect and u could make cement slugs instead of salt dough ya think? and u could like get some 1" pipe and dump melted wax into it and it would be a dif kind of slug

toliet paper cannon (4")

old squishy plums from the fruit basket in the kitchen flatten out like a pancake when you shoot them. They make a terrible mess... and are very fun...


9 years ago

Plums work surprisingly well.

any paper ball (wet preferred) (toilet paper sticks to stuff) LED throwies fruit cores as said below - think of what stuff you gonna shoot and get pipe of an appropriate internal diameter for ur needs

Hmm those sound good. Maybe even a grape or something, can you think of anything soft I could shoot at a person without it causing injury? At a low PSI of course...

1inch barrels are THE WORST SIZE, seriously. There is like no ammo. 1/2, 3/4 and i think 2' are the best. 2' can shoot golfballs, 1/2 can shoot marbles, batteries, airhose. 3/4 can shoot paintballs

i have the perfect answer, and i ust actually did this so i know it works :D make some salt dough, (2 cup flour i cup salt, and water, just enough to make play dough consistency) then use a piece of 1" barrel as a mold, and press the salt dough into it to make slugs, now put them in the oven at 100 c with tin foil over them until they are hard as rock, they will deliver a punishing blow, but are 100% biodegradable, like ALL the leftovers are gone after a good rainfall. If you want to hunt with it or something, when yo make the slug, make a cavity for a marble in the front, then after baking, hot glue a marble in the front.

paintballs are always bio-degradable.


9 years ago

I use golf balls.

not in 3/4 inch you don't. you should read the post before comenting on it.

crabapples work best in my gun with a three quarter inch barrel.


10 years ago

A yam....

toilet paper moistened it splats on things

not bio degradable but try an empty co2 cartridege, nasty!

Well. This is not bio degradable but I take duct tape wind it into a ball and then put a golf ball on to of it. Man they fly.