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Spy Answered

Does any one know how to spy other computer remotely? I am so curious about it. thanks guys!!



It depends on what you operating system you are dealing with, how you are connected to the other computer remotely,  what computer and network security is in place, what software and tools you have available and what you are looking for.

Spying is a bad word.  You might have a legitimate reason to "monitor" something.

Thanks a lot bro...i know it's bad but i am just curious about it and surely i don't like spying or harming other people if i don't have any reason to do it.

You could search on things like "keylogging, network sniffing, remote access software, tunnelling," etc.  There are a lot of utility programs for managing networks and computers. If you can understand how some remote help desks can see what is on your screen or share your session you can figure out how they can potentially be misused.  Good luck.

thanks a lot bro...i really appreciate it...i got knowledge form you.