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Spyware and Addware: How do you get rid of it? Answered

I need help with something else, does anyone know how to get rid of spyware and addware? I'm not even sure if I have it, but something on the computer told me there's a possibility.


first, you will need an antivirus and anti spyware program. i use avg free for antivirus and adaware for spyware. both are free and work really well.



avg antispyware (free):

the avg antispyware works well, but runs slow. i suggest getting both it and adaware, and using the adaware when you need a quick scan, and then use them both when you have some time to really scan. a single antispyware program usually will not catch all of it.

I used spyware doctor. Its only 30 buck. But It slowed my desktop, yet my laptop stayed normal. Might be a one time thing but i dont like slow

Im curious, what AntiSpyware and AntiVirus are you using?

I got Windows Defender and Mc Afee. I only really use Windows Defender though.

. Download the software that oogitsmelol gives links for, install, update definitions, and scan/repair everything. Do not depend on just one (or two) anti-virus/-malware app. There are other free ones available (Google "free antivirus") - download/install/run one or two more.
. If you think you were able to rid your system of all the nasty stuff, then turn off monitoring (but don't uninstall) on all but one of the antivir apps. Use the "turned off" apps to do a manual scan about once a week. Then download and use a registry/system cleaner, eg, CCleaner or RegSeeker (I prefer RegSeeker, but CCleaner is easier to use) to get rid of more stuff that may be slowing you down.
. If you can't get rid of the infections (seldom is it just one by the time you notice) then reformat your HDD and start over from scratch. Install oog's apps before getting on any network, especially the Internet.
. I'd also recommend installing a firewall (download before you reformat and save to disk/disc, scan with antivir before installing). I use the freebie ZoneAlarm, but there are several other good ones available (Google "free firewall"). Install before getting on the 'Net.

. Oh yeah. After installing antivir and firewall, immediately go to Windows Update. There should be a link in your Start or Start/All Apps menu.

If it was a fake, don't open it!!!! My sister screwed up her laptop (almost) because she did that! Oh yah, switch to Firefox (www.Mozilla.com), much safer and faster + free and customizable.

WARNING: if while you are surfing the web, you get a popup that states you have a virus, or spyware, and it is NOT a message from your firewall.....do NOT open it. It is possibly malicious in nature. Get a popup blocker if you don't have one, but if you have one, turn it on.