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Square tubed sign post with holes? Answered

Hey all,

I'm in warren Michigan area. I found a great place for some decent sized scrap hardwood like maple, oak, cherry. Sometimes walnut or other more exotic types. North of warren in Fraser there is a cabinet company called audia, in the back they have a large amount of 1-1/2" wide X20' lengths!

Also, a place called laired plastics has an assortment of different color, sheet plastics various thicknesses as well as blocks of white plastics. In the back they have several bins with different material in each one... 

Now, i need a place to get square tubing with the holes in them. I need about 12' of it but i don't need any piece longer than 1' anyone know of the business types that would specifically deal with this stuff? I see them knocked down by cars very often, i can work with those! Lol i just need to know where to look to find them. Google has an overwhelming amount of suppliers, but i don't need long sticks i just need some scraps... Call me cheap, buti would like to find them for as free as possible!


What you're looking for is called "structural tubing." My favorite supplier carries it both in long lengths (and even have a brake-style cutter), and in kits of pre-cut shorter lengths.


Any large machine shop or welding concern in your area (look for "metal fabrication" in the Yellow Pages) should have loads of scrap from projects.

Thank you for this. I didn't know the technical or proper name for this stuff. Nor a place i could buy it buy anything less then a ton at a time.



Wall thickness?

steel, 1-1/2" square i think it may be around 1/8" wall thickness... Its the same stuff they use for street signs in residential areas that would be ideal...

Have you thought of asking the civic authorities (whoever is responsible for those signs) if they have any scrap signs?

Otherwise, a quick google reveals that there is a dealer on Dequindre who might be able to help you.

Thats a great idea... Next time i see a DPS truck or worker, ill kindly ask about that.

It can be bigger than 1.5" square and as thin as 1/16th thick...

Perhaps check with welding or machining shops and see if they have off-cuts they'll sell cheap. Offer a reasonable amount over what they'd get to sell it for scrap.

Yeah, the shops around here can be somewhat stingy on their scraps, keeping most useful pieces for their own stash. But it is worth a shot. Thanks.