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Squeeze Torch USB Phone Charger Answered

I purchased a couple of the torches known as Squeeze Torches with the idea of adding a two-way slider switch and a single USB port (I think having to sacrifice one of my USB extension cables for the part?), so either the USB or torch will use the power at any one time.

I have a pretty good idea of how things are to be set (although little knowledge on wiring - yet soldering wires is a different matter), but I'm just wondering if anyone before me has performed this build and if so can someone link it so I can have a few helpers. Or if possible, someone make an instructable, because this would be awesome for charging a whole range of devices from iPod's, iPhone's and many phones/devices which include a USB Charging/Data cable. = )

As can be seen from the closeup shots of mine, there is a small but reasonable space to work with.


LEDs typically require just a few milliamps to operate. A USB charging circuit (not the USB-to-device power specification) usually supplies anywhere from 500 to 1500 mA to charge a phone battery.

You're going to need a lot of hand cranks to supply the total charge (current x time, often written in mA-hr) necessary to recharge a battery.

However, this is still an excellent project, and a great learning opportunity for you!

At least it might be good for a joy-buzzer...allow me to shake your hand.

Awesome. =D

Though I do recall seeing many projects involving Altoid tins, converting them into chargers. = )

The cool thing about these torches, is that just one crank of the trigger provides 20 or so minutes of light. Which mine seems to have more, possibly due to many people cranking it in the store (I thank them greatly). So a great item for many small projects, though a USB (phone/iPod) charger seems by far the best.

I don't recall an instructable like this, so you may be on to an original project.