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Squids in danger Answered

Squids and other cephalopods have been found with high levels of "chemical contaminants" in their bodies. Since many ocean dwellers eat squid and octopi, scientists are worried that the entire food web is being comtaninated.

Full story at Cnn.com


lol i thought this was about squid-labs like they were bankrupt or something

We are great at crapping the world. That's something our species should be proud of.

The most ironical, is that some of us are dreaming about colonizing space and other planets : they would like to change a giant desert without water and oxygen into a more friendly environment, while we are changing our own and natural friendly environment into a giant and aggressive crapyard ...

About cephalopods, they are told to be very smart animals.
And cuttlefishes are very amazing when they change their colour to try to seduce females. Have you ever seen that ?
They are animals that I respect and that I generally don't eat ... (despite they only live 3 years old and are very appetizing) =o)


10 years ago


not really, it sounds like a downer for Red Lobster, and to people of the Orient

I'm still mad at you for stealing my idea and getting featured in the make blog!

okay, more like dissapointed...

sorry to salt the wound, but not only did i get featured i got in the "popular" group as well. and you left before i said "y'know Adrian, i acknowledge your immediate focus on tornadoes and natural disasters, sometimes it takes an eye-opener to spark something"

Do I seem obsessed or something?

I guess I am kinda focused on them, it's just that I can't get away from them, it's like they're after me...

"Paranoia is One's mind's way of assembling random events with little correlation to make a final false thought"

hehehe, i just made that up

I'm not paranoid.

I know, logically, that tornados are not out to get me. But it sure feels like it. First, a few weeks ago, one killed four family members and wounded two more. And they keep coming to my neck of the woods, hundreds of miles away.

ARRGH! Well, I don't want to be a bad sport, so congratulations, you do deserve it. :) Yeah, my browser crashed...