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St.Xaviers Kolkata goes Green with onsite solar panels(and cells) Answered

Switching on to computers run by solar powered batteries, St.Xaviers now has alternative sources of energy to power lights, fans and other gadgets in the premises. It built the solar power system onsite as it is far more economical and powerful than the conventional system. Initially they have planned to run ten computers from as many solar panels and in phases install about 100 such panels on our roof tops to run computer science courses, The fund for research work for alternative sources of energy would be borne by the college and if needed they would approach other agency for funding. The college, celebrating its 150th year, got autonomy three years ago. And I study there!!! How cool is that?? One of our science labs are completely solar powered! I'll upload more pictures soon!! Kabir


What Link???The college has a website at http://www.sxccal.edu/, but hasn't been updated in a while.I'll send more pics soon.And the panels in the pic is about all of them, still thats really a lot of panels! Since my last post, we have expanded and a new part of the college is now completely solar power, Even ACs are running in a room!!!

We have even more plans for going Green, which will be completed in early 2010.Expansion projects include rain fed taps and a solar water purification system!!


That's a lot of panels! Have you got a link you can post? L