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Stacker Answered

Has anybody here player the new "stacker" game? it's made by LAI games. Basically theres a bar moving back and forth horizontally and you press stop to stop the bar, then you get a new layer. you keep raising this bar, or "stacking" the bars up and they gradually get faster and smaller. if you can stack up 9 blocks you win a minor prize, approximately 10% worth of what you paid to play the game (usually $1.00). If you can stack up 11 blocks you win a prize worth approximately 300X worth the amount you used to play the game. the average odds in winning are 1 in 400. I played this game with one dollar in quarters and I won my xbox 360. has anybody else won this game? or has anybody else played it and almost won?



9 years ago

I played one in Cambridge, got 2 lines away from a Wii but my friends were leaving so I couldn't stay. I saw the girl in front of me get one line away from one of the big prizes though. I swear the controls (well.. control) got less responsive the higher I got.

I played one of these about three or four years ago in Felixstowe (UK), and won a set of walkie-talkies.

ya, I won my 360 from one. I'm gonna try for a zune next, then a ps3 maybe..