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Stains: specifically, how to remove MUSTARD stains Answered

I have JUST NOW dumped an entire sardine (in mustard sauce) onto my white work shirt while having my meal at work, and the standard "damp cold water on a paper towel and a dry one underneath dabbing like crazy, didn't work.

I know there are commercial stain removers out there, but I would love to have a small bottle of something easy to make (or just something that needs no alteration, but does the job) handy for such incidences.

Any ideas? (I DID do a google search, but would LOVE to know if any of the ideas worked for anyone personally; ;-)


Try concentrated sodium bicarbonate

may help


9 years ago

I think the yellow colour in mustard is from turmeric, which is really difficult to remove, I've spilled turmeric powder on my jeans before, it was pretty bad. I googled how to remove turmeric from clothing. One suggestion was that If you put the turmeric stained clothing out in the sun, the stain will turn from yellow to red and then you will be able to wash it out. IIt worked for me.

I used to do this many moons ago with baby whites, nappies, bibs etc, the sun is a very effective chemical free bleaching agent, some stains took a couple of stints on the line but worked 99% of the time!

Thanks, I will have to give that a try once it stops raining :-) Thanks

That might be a tough stain on a white shirt. May I suggest a sharpie to at least camouflage the stain?


I think it looks like davinci's thinker...with a vertical speech bubble to the left.... or someone squatting to ...do their business. Something about club soda comes to mind - but not once the mustard is set.

I believe it would be Rodin's Thinker on the most comfortable seat in the house reading the New York Times.

Now that I look at this again, it looks like he either got it all over his backend too, or didn't get to the bathroom fast enough. ;-)

Well, if you're going to eat at your computer..... LOL

my wife does that and it drives me crazy.....all those crumbs and stuff all over the keyboard...

I was thinking of dying the shirt yellow ;-)

Try any sort of vegetable oil..it dissolves away!

I carry a bottle of "Resolve". Spray on it! the moment it happens and or just carry a spare shirt in your trunk. Spray the "Resolve" on and change your shirt. I just Love it.. What also use to work when my little ones were little, Hahahaha! I carried a small bottle of Dawn dish liquid(the original). Dabbed that blue stuff on and let it sit. The trick to any stain is getting to it the moment after it happens.

Part of the problem may be that the stains are oily from the fish. I'd wash it first. Then try a bleach: percarbonate if you've got it, then hypochlorite. Cotton / polyester mix? L

I think it is a mix.

I should have washed it that day or at least soaked it.

Much of the stain of mustard comes from the turmeric that is in this kind of mustard. It is nasty to remove from what I have read.

Yes it's a sod. These days I make mustard from mustard-flour only (much better than anything else if you want "English") L

There is one mustard - Pommery French, that has coarse ground mustard seeds, sold in a crock. Wickedly sinus clearing if you happen to bite on a certain seed.

Nothing I have experienced beats homemade "English" mustard (from flour). French stuff I find tends to be mild and vinegary, though I'm happy to accept that there are some good French mustards. L

I'm not a big fan of the dijon's or honey mustard, spicy brown - usually not bold enough but nothing beats a good yellow mustard on a hot dog. I'll have to try a proper English mustard sometime.

I love all the above plus one : wasabi. It's mysterious how it's chemistry requires water to mix with the powder to create any "hotness". The dry powder is not hot to taste at all... but after a few hours with water, lookout!

Mustard flour (powder) + water, a little time to rest. It's that simple. L

Bah, I love the hot yellow I get in the Chinese restaurants....some of it is hot enough to make a rock sing ;-)

And not to forget, mustard goes well on a hot soft Philly pretzel- not the dusty ones off the street, or a good knish.

And, of course, what started this whole thing, Sardines or Mackerel in hot yellow mustard ummmm um

disgiuse it lol