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Stairs that double as dressers Answered

Here are some plans for modifying your stairs so that each step can also hold a drawer for extra storage of all your stuff. The things you put inside would have to be of the occasional-to-rare use since these look like a pain to have to deal with on a regular basis.

Other concerns are just how well the heat will be kept above or below and if they can be spring loaded so you don't step into an open drawer on the way down the stairs and brain yourself on the landing. Oh yeah, the risers that get removed are often providing structural support for the step above so be aware of that as well.

But if you can pull it off safely, it's a neat trick.



 Sounds cool, as long as it was safe, it's a nice way to save space...

Good Idea

Instead of installing drawers, you could hinge the step to flip up. These are the steps in our sailboat:


that's awesome. too bad i have no reason to build stairs -_- maybe i can make some sort of loft bed and have a giant set of stairs going up to it that doubles as drawers or something :-)

I thought it was going to be tantsu at first... You don't need springs, just set the back down a little and let gravity do the work. Make sure that the fronts rest a half inch or so behind the front edge of the stair. If you are worried about heat, make the drawers no more than half the hight of the space (about 3 inches? 8 inch step, minus 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inch for the step thickness, divided by 2) tall-including the front.


10 years ago

Here's a link to a photo showing a drawer built into the staircase: drawers in stairs

Cool! Too bad the house I'm building over the summer is only one story. (anything to get out of this rental)