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Star Spangled Banner On Keytar Answered

It's me playing my Roland AX-Synth Keyboard. Watch and comment.


Didn't know a Keytar was an instrument... Whatever. You sounded good!

If you wanna play like Hendrix, turn that thing upside down, play with your left hand, run it through a phaser, flanger, compressor, sustainer, reverb, echo, wah-wah pedal, and set it on fire with lighter fluid...

Not a bad effort.  I have an old AX-1, unless you are an accordian player, it does take some time to get used to playing and looking at the keyboard like that.  You might have to modify the range of your pitch bend to get it sounding right like a guitar or the whammy bar.  You should look at some cool keytar-like stuff on youtube from Jan Hammer-pre Miami Vice and Chick Corea. 

Yeah, I just started playing in January. I've never played an instrument before. I've been looking at YouTube videos too.

So you just got your learner's permit, went to the keyboard lot and picked out the Porsche. $$$.  Good luck and have fun.

Is that you playing it? Or a friend (or somebody else)?
It was pretty good.

Considereing you're under pressure in front of a camera, it is amazing. Most people crack in front of a camera. That was amazing..... 5 stars.

Yeah, I did crack quite a few times and had to try it on a few different days to get this recording. Thanks for the rating. :)

Really you did? I didn't notice. No problem for the rating it was nice.

Practice that a bit more, it's not quite perfect.
Not too sure what this guy is doing with it....


He's why I wanted to learn it. Hendrix rocks.

That one is pretty way-out though, a person might need to be less than stone-cold sober to really enjoy it - but Hendrix... (was Hendrix).


I really enjoy it without drugs. Try listening to it when you're stressed out, it's like a brain massage, lol. I know that sounds really weird, but I think that the style is an emotional release.

Yes I can see that, bit severe as a brain-massage, but I can see it.


.  I agree with lemonie - need more practice. Good start, but not quite there.

I've had a lot of practice, I can't quite get it right in front of the camera, but I'm satisfied with this recording.