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Star Trek Answered

Star Trek is awesome. Star trek isn't only for geeks. It's a great TV show. Actually, shows. If you like Star Trek, I have a question, what star trek doctor would you want to treat you? https://www.instructables.com/group/trekkies/


. Leonard H. McCoy, MD (of course)

Nah he's kinda creepy at least with The Doctor you can turn him off if he starts hitting on the female crew members

(Sure Lt. we will make sure that you get to bed safely)
Lt. in top bunk with coed rooms

 I can't wait for the new Star Trek Movie to come out....


8 years ago

beam me up scotty,no inteligent life here.

Please, Captain, not in front of the Klingons. 

dude bones most deffinitly

same, i personaly like TNG better than the others

Well, I also like Enterprise T'poi looks better then Spock ever did LOL

For survivability, I would like Voyager's EMH.

I just have this problem with a machine generated hologram doing things like operations and such *shrug* :-)

i dont. they already have robotic operations in some places today. an artificial doctor is only another step away.

Robotic is one thing, a hologram that can't touch things yet can handle instruments seems a bit dicey to me :-)

Dr. Bashir. He somehow seems the most knowledgeable. Not hating on the other doctors, though. They all know more than our medical doctors!

But Bones, being closer to our era (if I remember correctly) is more likely able to deal with the things that we'd come down with today!

But Bashir is a generation ahead and thusly has more medical knowledge than him. And he doesn't have a nickname that's a drag. :P

Well then, you should consider Dr. Phlox, as he was aboard the First Enterprise (Star Trek: Enterprise).

dammit Jim, I'm an iBler, not a doctor...

Beam me up Scotty!