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Star Wars intro by Saul Bass Answered

What if one movie intro was reimagined in the style of another artist? In this case it's the
style of the late great Saul Bass who did many amazing title sequences like Vertigo or The Man with the Golden Arm.

This is cooler than Episodes I, II, and III combined.

via Drawn!

And then there's the deluxe remix version as well.


Nice. Call me sheltered but I have yet to see any but the original 3 Star Wars movies *shrug*


10 years ago

I luv it!!

Funny but I think I'd have to say that the original intro is better.

I think I, II, and III were cooler than that... However definetly cool, but I prefer the scrolling marque...

Yeah. He created a great universe and what he needed to do was let someone else direct. He was starting to get some sort of a groove back in Ep. III, but it was too little, too late.

They were'nt that bad, just to much computer effects and gore (in III).

No, they were really bad. Awful pacing, confused storytelling, and non-existent direction. They were only worth it for the effects.