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Star defense fund Answered

As you may have read here, Instructables author stasterisk was arrested at Boston's Logan airport for having a breadboard, LEDs, and a battery on her sweatshirt. Many Instructables members have inquired about helping her out in any way they can, so here's one way you can help:

You can donate via Paypal to stares (at) gmail (dot) com. You can also send her a check directly. Send me a private message for her address if you'd like to donate via mail. You can also buy a t-shirt to show you support. Click here for details.

Currently, she has $500 in expenses related to things like court fees. I'll keep this post updated with any further expenses.

Should she receive more money than expenses, the remaining will be donated to a charity (I have suggested the ACLU).



Reply 10 years ago

Fairly recently (only a year or so ago) the Topeka bomb squad called in their bomb robot to try to disarm a bomb that was next to the Capitol Building...Unfortunately for them, it was actually six blocks away, and wasn't a bomb. It was a really cool-looking metal robot sculpture that someone had left on the sidewalk that night. Story here.


10 years ago

Was she caught with bomb-making tools? An ammeter and a soldering iron? It's sad, really, that someone with something so blatantly harmless on their shirt should be arrested.