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Starburst Paper Mache. Help! Answered

So I'm planing on covering a wooden Kleenex box with Starburst wrappers. However I'm not sure what type of liquid adhesive I should use. Is a glue/water mixture good enough? Is there anything on the market that I should use? Any homemade concoctions that would do the job? Any recommendations on how to give it a gloss finish? I'd appreciate any input you have as to what I should use. Thanks.


I would try ironing them frist, btw some paper bags to 'de' wax them. Then soak them and use elmers glue or something stronger. I think it will look pretty when your done. Let us know how it turns out!!

Aren't those wrappers waxy and smooth? You may be able to iron them on to the wooden box. At craft stores, they sell something that does decoupage or an epoxy/acrylic plastic coating/shell for a high gloss finish. You just pour that stuff on. I don't think regular polyurethane or varnish will stick too well to those wrappers if you cover the entire box. Maybe you can get color laser or inkjet copies of the wrappers and use that instead of the real ones so you can clear coat it with anything you want.

Maybe covering the box with the adhesive in question then putting a coat over the top of all the wrappers...

May I ask why you would want to do that?

Because I think it would look neat, and to confuse people. I have a friend who made a Starburst wallet. It's quite awesome.

. Elmer's Glue-All may work. It dries clear. May not stick very well to the glossy wrappers.