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Starting my business ( Need your help and opinions) Answered

Hey, As you may have seen in my previous topics that i was asking ways to make money i have thought out and planned to make a business from the help of friends and family. It would be a general business and the aim would be to earn money as all ways. So the business is not just doing or selling one thing but everything possible to make money. So it would be a home based business for starters and then would expand to a shop. Here are the things we plan to sell. - Burned music cd and movies and games. - Tourist guide service - rare stones and artifacts - Typing and computer services - necklace and other jewelery - Website building service - Gadget shop - Second hand goods for sale And i need more of your ideas to add to the list..so your ideas are welcomed.



9 years ago

By the fact i have a box full of black corals and a hell lot of near the sea where i got them from i never really knew their value. where can i sell it and for how much ?

I'd get on google and look for "black coral wanted" also expatriates in the jewelry business should pay a lot for quality black coral. Look at what others are selling black coral for, and sell for just a little less than everyone else. That way, more people will want to buy from you.

Along with your gadget shop, you could also offer tutorials on "making"

repair and tech service (with optional service at client's home) dont trade any burned disks with stuff thats copyrighted. it may land you in serious trouble

If you get good artifacts (not touristy stuff) don't under-price it. Traditional wooden and stone items are a small market, but for the right item a collector will pay well. If you can get black coral (make sure it's legal to sell), that is a BIG deal. It sells for high prices.