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Starting next week: Coffee Cup Challenge Answered

Next week we'll be beginning the Coffee Cup Challenge. Make an Instructable that shows a cool reuse of a paper coffee cup and win a solar-powered Voltaic backpack and some gift cards for Starbucks coffee!

You can use one cup or a thousand. You can use them on their own or add anything else to it. Just show us a cool use for a cup!


Contest will run from 4/12 - 5/9
International entries are accepted



8 years ago

 Can styrofoam cups be used? Keep them out of landfills!!

 Is it too late to change? Because that really limits our options.

It's already set. There are tons of things you can do with a paper cup, though. Use your noggin!

Is it area restricted?


8 years ago

So will there be a contest page or something? Do I click on this page to enter? And can you do anything with the cup as long as it includes a paper cup?

ok, i got so confuesed reading the comments so, frst of all, does this have anything at all to actually do with the betacup challenge or is it totally different? assuming it to be a different one does it matter at all what it is, like, does it have to be a redesigned cup thing like the betacup contest or is it a make stuff out of coffee cups idea? i wasnt sure so i thought id ask, also, what countires can compete...and yea...thats pretty much it i think

This contest is associated with the betacup, but is not strictly tied to it.

In other words, don't worry about the rules for the betacup contest, just make something from a paper coffee cup.

When is the official start and end of this contest?

Would'nt the best way to recycle a coffee cup be just have another cup o' joe.my current paper cup is well in to the double digit refills right now!

Disposible cup or mug? I'm confused.

Hmmm, the local Dunkin Donuts here uses styrofoam.  I may have to upscale for a latte in a paper cup or go to the competitor's from now on.

Yenno these things can be recycled. McD's actually did that a few years ago until they got tired of idiots who put garbage in the styrofoam bin and styrofoam in the garbage bin.

Yes, they can be recycled. So if your project doesn't work out or you want to scrap it, you can still recycle the cup.



8 years ago

they say you have to check whether 'the contest is legal in our jurisdiction', so I'm guessing there's a list of counrties somewhere. Good idea, though

I guess there should be a side contest on who consumes the most cups of coffee in the pursuit of their coffee cup instructable.  It is afterall, reusing a used coffee cup and should not be about just digging through the pantry or buying a new package of cups to add to the waste stream.

Plenty of used cups to be had on the side of the road.  After a quick wash they're ready to go!

Yes, buying cups just for this isn't the point.

That said, I have a few pristine cups that others have given me for this. They had them because they were given two cups for insulation.

Awww man if the coffee cup on the car roof 'ible hadn't been made yet... that would pWn in this contest.


8 years ago

So, is there a restriction on country? Or can us UK people join in?


Also if you have a good idea for a solution to the massive waste of paper coffee cups, be it a re-design or a new scheme, enter here

Starbucks have put up $20,000 in prizes for the best ideas !

More info here http://www.core77.com/blog/featured_items/starbucks_helps_eliminate_coffee_cup_waste_with_betacup__16178.asp

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