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Starting your own religion Answered

How many of you have fathomed about doing it? How far did you actually go with it?



8 years ago

dose a cult count as a religion

. Well, I haven't started my own religion, but I'm a minister of the Universal Life Church. Last time I checked, I could perform legal marriage ceremonies in most US states.

I also can perform marriages, but I always feel guilty when I do.  It's sort of like watching your favorite dog get neutered.

"Sir, we've just neutralised your dog successfully."
"Don't you mean Neutered?"
"Oh. Oh god."

can you marry someone over a web forum, I would like to marry instructables

. I'll have to check, but I think I'm only allowed to do same-species marriages. heehee

Like the said its different everywhere but I don't think its a notary. Civil ceremonies at city hall I think are judges. Notaries usually just witness signatures.

Well to get known people usually write a book. But these days websites are doing the job. Then write an instructable of course. Robot Rules!!!

. I dunno. Don't remember ever having seen or heard of a notary performing marriages, but that's not something I'd pay much attention to. . Marriage laws are not Federal, but State, so it will vary depending on where you live.

. Nope. Just did it to aggravate a "preacher" I worked with. (As far as I could tell, all he was interested in was passing the collection plate and "counseling" his female parishioners.) It worked. :) "Hey, look! I'm a preacher, too!" LOL

why does it say Jul 3, 2007 when the topic is 3 days old?

The reason I asked, is because a friend and I are in the process of writing some holy scripture. I'm betting that most of you will become Ostratarianists when we're done with it.

. Not so much that I want to, but if I'm going to worship something I think a Dog would do just fine. IMNSHO, much better than an Ostrich. After all, what is Dog spelled backwards?

yeah I'll go along with that. Altho I was gonna say I like bunnies better. Dogs are great. How about worshipping the Instructables Robot? All bow-wow their heads now.

oh, we've already got it planned out. we worship the almighty Flying Ostrich...it's The Holy Church of Head in Sand.

Okay, I know this was 1 year old, but skate already bumped it.

I just want to comment on how brilliant that is... its a comment on how religions keep people's head in the sand! Brilliant!

Stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni or something like that. Big fluffy ostrich feathers that the Dudes and Dukes used to wear in the hats.


I thought the ostrich is god.? quizical look.?! Occasionally they drop a feather. You're putting the ostrich up there with bald eagles now. Love their eggs!

The flying ostrich is god. He created the ostrich in the image of himself. To wear the ostrich is trying to be godlike...which is not acceptable.

Well then, I guessed i'm set for the job ;) If you can keep followers confused, then you can keep followers followers.