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Stats don't match Answered

I just recently realized that the two kind of stats you can get for your instructables don't match. For example my "pram to kids trailer Instructable":
Yesterday it gave me more than 1000 hits, when I checked via the stats button on the ibles page. But today as I rechecked via the stats tab on my account page with only this ible marked, it gave me only about 350 hits...
It is not of big importance, and I would rather call it a glitch then a bug, but it would be nice to get correct stats on both ways...



Mine are inflated by a factor of 10, I reckon, and pretty much always have been since the new method of counting started. As far as I can tell, the numbers never reset to zero any more, so I think the "Views Today" number actually means "Views over the last 10 days".


5 years ago

I think sometimes the stats on the instructables page is not reset to 0 each day and the number carries over, so the 1000 may be from 2 days. Where as the stats from your account page probably is a daily count.

That is something I realized as well and added up the numbers on the stats page to compare. The total was almost 50% of the hits counted on the instructables page.

Also, define "day". The servers work on Californian time, so the midnight reset actually happens around 0800 German time.

I made a few sreenshots over the last days...


There was something with different servers holding the "latest" counts or stats. When you look at your account page vs a caching server for general pageviews, it was supposed to be more accurate but who knows how their updating works.