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Stats not working Answered

The stats tab in settings hasn't been working for several weeks now from any of my computers. A message is put up but nothing appears to be done about it, also not getting notifications etc to my inbox


I too came to put up this error and saw this post. Haven't been able to see stats for the past few weeks. Not the one for an instructable as shown in Kiteman's link, but the one in UserSettings->Stats tab. Keep getting the error page:

Instructables is experiencing technical difficulties! We're terribly sorry about this and we're doing our best to fix it. We'll be back online as soon as we can.

It might be because I access instructables outside the time frame mentioned in Kiteman's link.

But thanks for letting me know (2nd attempt at this bit -first hung up)

No, Stats still not working!!

this is a result of the awesome dev team working on getting a faster overnight website