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It's still in beta, but check it out and tell us what you think.  Is the information useful?  Interesting?  Can you help you author better Instructables? 


This is very useful. But now a days stats is not working well.

It shows less views than the original views.

Wow, it looks good! Shame I haven't noticed this before, but if you do continue with this (doubtful...?) then I for one would be happy.

Hmm... we should start a petition to bring the stats page back. I wonder why they got rid of it?

I'm guessing a mixture of not many people using it, and it being seriously buggy.

Could be, I wish they had developed it though. I bet it could have been good if they built up some hype about it.

They had a pretty short life, didn't they.

Might have been using up too much space on their servers as well.

I suspect that all the data has been there all along, it's just the user interface that broke. Apparently the original author is no longer at I'bles, so it'll be that much harder to maintain...

That does help if they're still around, thanks kelsey!

These were broken, but we've just fixed the major problem. They are still in beta, and probably buggy, but keep trying them out and reporting anything that doesn't work.

Yay! Thank you very much, Eric! I've just created one bug report, and might create another for a different problem....


8 years ago

So, is it there anymore, or did stat cards replace it? The graphs look cool. I wish I had known about this earlier. When I go to https://www.instructables.com/you/stats, it says "Oops! Unauthorized."

Hmm....  I can see it.  Could it be your browser?  Try switching over to chrome or another browser.  Either that, or clear up your cache.

 It's really interesting, but what it shows perhaps more than anything is the value of publicity. Tracking 3 of my ibles that were each featured (F) and appeared in the newsletter (N), its obvious how much this recognition is worth in terms of views (see image). However, can it help me make better instructables? Probably not. My best instructable (in terms of rating, and in my own opinion, and a competition winner, hence my new pro status!) was not featured and has less hits total than any of those which appeared in the newsletter got in one day. As a result, I'm inclined to view ratings as more valuable than views as a quality metric. As such. it might be interesting to see how the ratings break down, like Amazon does: does a rating of 3.5 after 20 rates mean lots of 5s and 1s, or just a whole lot of 3.5s? (I guess that may over-expose the weighting algorithm, though).


Is this feature going to be functional again any time soon?  I've been getting an "Error:500" message for the last couple of weeks.  I think it's a great idea and I'd love to see it fully implemented!

Ditto, a great feature!

I'm also in the camp that would like the raw data, perhaps via CSV so we could plug it into a spreadsheet and do different looks of the data


8 years ago

Nice feature in exchange for pro-membership.

More control of axis-scales would be good. (Similar to kelseymh's earlier post.)

Could Instructables traffic be subcategorized as an option?
  1. Linked after viewing another Instructable of author.
  2. Linked thru a contest page.
  3. Linked thru a subcategory (Art, Food, etc.) or group.
  4. Linked via search.
  5. Linked via Featured, Zeitgeist...
Could outside traffic be subcategorized?

I also agree with kelseymh, downloadable .csv files would be very useful for real analysis.  Increasing the resolution of traffic sources would allow some testing of writting strategies.  Perhaps downloadable reports could contain extra resolution?

How about tracking forum posts, answers?

 Interesting and useful?  Yes!

I'm not sure if it'll help me write better Instructables (That seems to just take practice. And proofreading.) but it will help me promote them better.

(Speaking of...  Would love to see more referrers information on this magic new stats page.)

Something I just noticed:  I have some (seemingly random) data points missing on the 3-month chart.  In the attached image I'm missing data for Dec 10-12 on the blue line and Dec 3-7 on the green line.  But only in the 3-month view.  The data is there in the 1-month view.  

It looks like it might be some point culling in the charting package, but it feels weird.


Perhaps the spike that nearly everyone reports is not a genuine spike. Glitch in the code? Indexer?

Completely awesome and, yes, useful. 'Nuff said.

Woah ! Thats awesome !

I like looking at ibles which have been featured on lifehacker or gizmodo and seeing the massive spike,
The attatched image is the maker tin after being featured (on both i think)

I also think a little counter showing the total views of all instructables would be handy.

It was great for about 10 min then it died with the same thing as Doctor What.
Really good though this would be a fantastic pro feature :)

Screenshot 1.jpg
I don't know, apparently it doesn't like me!  :)

ERROR 500: PageResult values not set

Oops! [Line 1, Column 0] Invalid root element, expected (namespace uri:local name) of (http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom:feed), found (:feed

Looks like it could be useful, but for me it is a bit of an ego burster  :-) 


Minor comments on bugs and feature requests:

1)  The "by traffic sources" doesn't seem to work.  It just fails back to a default presentation of three of my I'bles, regardless of what I've checked or not.

2)  Being able to choose a date range, for example to focus on some viewing spike in the past, would be nice (and ought to be easy :-).

3)  Getting a dump of the raw data currently being displayed, e.g., as a CSV file, would let number crunchers like me play our own games.  It also means that you wouldn't have to implement all of the proper statistical analysis stuff (mean, variance, etc.).

4)  Why did you choose to have a separate dangling "go" hyperlink, rather than simply making each I'bles title a link?

Interesting, but as others observe, most of the heavy-traffic comes (in short bursts) from someone linking to stuff from outside.


Eric asked, "Is the information useful?  Interesting?  Can you help you author better Instructables?"  Useful and interesting, yes, I think it is.  Having the point-by-point popups is kind of cool. 

I'm not sure the data helps me to "author better Instructables."  It might be that if I were writing with the goal of lots of views, this might influence what I chose to publish or not. 

Yay! You saved me an Lithium_Rain a tonne of work. We were going to run my perl script daily on a load of people to prove that this kind of data was good/interesting/useful.

Thanks! :D

(time to move on to our next plan ;) )

Can you add the option to change to an accumulative total for all ibles please? So you can see your total views for all ibles on a date, and today etc.?

This would be sooooooooooooooooo cool! if it worked:  Oops! [Line 1, Column 0] Invalid root element, expected (namespace uri:local name) of (http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom:feed), found (:feed

Goodness me - I wonder what drove that spike of traffic on the 10th?

stats screenshot.JPG

I have a similar spike, one of my projs was featured as a best of on lifehacker, you might want to check.....

Dang, it went buggy for a few minutes:
Oops! [Line 1, Column 0] Invalid root element, expected (namespace uri:local name) of (http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom:feed), found (:feed

But it seems fine now.

That spike came from "other" (as in "other than a search engine or within Instructables"), so I guess I got featured elsewhere.

Actually, when I remembered that I could look at just one ible at a time, it seems that there was a simultaneous spike from search engines, the site and "other".

Most curious...

stats screenshot 02.JPG

:( It's down now.

(Did I mention I really, really like it?)


:D awesome new feature.