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CyberPunk goggles idea.... cheaper altern. Answered

okkkkk so i was wondering in these type of goggles could be made and be made a little cheaper, there 99 bucks from obscuria.com and i was thinking why don't people on instructables find premade material instead of aluminum roundstock... whatever, so is anyone interested..?


Well, firstly i need to point out, these are in no way steampunk. They are 100% Cyberpunk, which is 100% more awesome! I would suggest starting off with finding some cheap normal round goggles to mount aluminium onto. If you wanted this effect, and an easy to use material, PVC pipes and fittings could easily be given a good paint job.

oh and the real problem in recreating these would be the silicone eye peices... you c=can see them on the 4th picture... and the weird looking rivets in the front and side of thee goggles and excuse my confusion with steampunk i totally knew they were cyberpunk... on a cybergothh site...

Well, for the bolt on the front, you could just saw down some bolts and glue them on. As for the back silcon, thats where a cheap pair of goggle or glasses could be used.

true... never thought about that... now i just need to buy the pipe... and i guess i could always use foam for the back i have some goggles like that from back when i was into airsoft... if i make the instructable ill be sure to list u as a reference...

would alluminum pipe work? atleast do you think it would work?

i was thinking 2 identical peices of pipe medium to thick... with a reasonable diameter... it would probably be cheaper than aluminum round stock...