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Steampunk Raygun, TV Remote Jammer, Ghoul Grabber... Answered

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Oct. 25, 2007

Welcome back!

There is just a little over a week left for our DIY Halloween
2007 Contest! We know that you're working on your costumes, food, jack-o-lanterns, and scare gadgets now so don't forget to take pictures and write up a fantastic Instructable!

Tomorrow we will have a special Halloween newsletter so don't be surprised when you get two e-mails from us this week.

For now, check out these great Instructables!

Matchsticks Cube (no glue)
Make a sweet flammable box out of a few dozen matches. It's the coolest looking fire starter ever.
posted bymsolekonOct 23, 2007
The Best Way to Start BBQ Coals
If you have trouble starting coals for a BBQ, just grab a hair dryer, point it at the grill, and pull the trigger. No lighter fluid needed.
posted bynoahwon Oct 23, 2007
Raygun - Steampunk Defense
When the air pirates are coming at you it's time to give pacifism a rest and get your weapons ready.
posted byaintMichaelonOct 19, 2007

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DIY CD/DVD 5.25" Bay PC computer cooler
Don't let your computer overheat. Use this handy case mod to keep things cool under pressure.
posted byDIYSlackeron Oct 19, 2007
Nomad Furniture: A Folding Desk
How to build a desk that can hide away when you don't need it.
posted byWade TarziaonOct 18, 2007
Ghoul Grabber
Build a crawling ghoul that's activated by stepping on a mat. All for just a few dollars of parts.
posted by guyfrom7upon Oct 20, 2007
TV Remote Jammer!
Keep your roommates from changing the channel by jamming the infrared sensor.
posted byKipkayonOct 22, 2007

The Laser Cutter Contest is Back!
Portrait Gourds Grown in Molds
Grow a gourd with your face on it, using this ancient technique from China.
posted byTimAnderson onOct 23, 2007
How to Make Edible Glowing UV Reactive JELLO
Make the experience of eating JELLO even creepier with this glowing modification.
posted byhairyconiptionon Oct 22, 2007

Control real world devices with your PC
Learn how to interface a PC and microcontroller. Sense the value of an analog input and control some servos.
posted byDr_AculaonOct 22, 2007

Now go build something awesome, and I'll see you next week!

eric - Eric