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Steampunk Scooter Answered

Oh, to have a steampunk scooter that actually shoots steam out the back as you ride. This makes me want to get a cheap old scooter and rip it apart to create something new.

via BoingBoing


Oh so good!! I just finished my opticular lighted object viewing device. I am also putting my finishing touches on my hand piece (more so a clawed leather glove with gauges) That bike is truley a work of art!! Bet it gets some looks... Nice very nice... ;)

wow, thats amazing! i'd love to see some detail shots of the ornamentation

Oh, if only it was really' a steamcycle...


Somebody call Crabfu!

Hey, there are real steambikes - they just don't look as cool as the fake one:

Actually, I'm wrong - this 1910 model looks rather good:

I would love to drive that thing to school.

it may not be steam. but i like the steampunk style. the victorian lace patterns and the strange enlogated flower shaped exhaust pipe on the back. the steampunks style is like.... apocolypse meets the british industrial revolution. nice