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Steampunk and robots and gears, oh my Answered

Dark Roasted Blend is always full of fascinating shiny wonderful things. Following links there led me back to this older post collecting links to Nemo Gould's art robots, steampunk spiders, gorgeous mechanized beetles, and minature recycled hot-rods.

Even if you've seen it before, it's worth revisiting, and Dark Roasted Blend does, as advertised, provide a daily dose of the weird and wonderful. Today's batch also included links to Takeshi Yamada's Museum of World Wonders exhibit, which includes "over 500 post-super-realism and neo-taxidermy artworks simulating the treasures of the cabinet of curiosities" along the lines of an old-school Coney Island sideshow.



They are multiplying! Argh!
*grabs flamethrower and hides under bed*

Not only that, but apparently some members of the species fly!

Never Been a huge fan of steampunk, some of the practical stuff is great like computer/typewriter mods and the steampunk fan instructable,but i dont really get some of the stuff like the beetle in the pictures or the spider..

Really? I think that beetle looks pretty cool In a 'piece of art' sort of way o.O

Gee maybe I should start making steampunk stuff... I've got a ton of broken brass clock parts...

Cool, go for it.

And have a look at how much it goes for on ebay...

Yah..... Lets see, brassbits from an Elgin clock plus some random object in this room...